Michigan Job Fair Short List, Employment Links

Michigan Job Fair Short List, Employment Links

Unemployment right now is still quite high, doubly so in Michigan and especially in the Detroit area. Michigan unemployment stood at 11.1 percent in August, according to Google's public data. However, despite the high percentage, there are still resources available to locals to find a reliable job.

This article provides a short list of upcoming job fairs in Detroit and the surrounding areas. Whether you are looking for a full-time, part-time, or temporary job, or if it's for a major company or a local one, these job fairs can help people find what they need. The article is also constantly updated with new job fairs that might pop up in the area.

For example, a job fair coming up on November 18, called LiveWorkDetroit!, will be at the Masonic Temple in Detroit starting at 1:00 and ending at 9:00. At the official Michigan website, it cites: "LiveWorkDetroit! showcases Detroit as the place for Michigan's college graduates and young professionals to live and work."

While that article can help on the local level, the Internet provides limitless, free information on how to ace an interview and land that job, as well as other job-related advice. The following are some articles to read over about finding a job.

  • Do you know seven mistakes during a job interview to avoid? What about talking during an interview? This article goes into detail about them.
  • Financial advising website Mint published a blog post about effectively finding a job online, going into great deal on how to use time wisely while looking.
  • Freelancing has become both a temporary and permanent solution to unemployment woes. Here are some essentials to start out.
  • Wix, a web design site, provides a blog post about finding jobs on the local level.

Hopefully all of these articles come in handy on the hunt for a job.