April 2011

Detroit Automakers Hope to Boost Economy

When it comes to Detroit and jobs, one usually conjures the auto industry in the mind. However, we all know how hard the world of transportation has been hit in the economy—after all, most people can’t afford new cars! That said, it looks like the situation is improving, and Detroit reports that they hope to not only boost their sales, but also their jobs by 2015.

The Detroit Three are claiming that they’ll be able to increase the jobs in Michigan by a whopping 34% within the next four years. This translates to about 35,000 new jobs, which would be an ultimate blessing for the area. Do we need renewable transportation? Absolutely; we needed it decades ago. However, the Three might be able to work on just that—and they’ll need workers to do it. And even if they don’t, a job is a job, and with so many people hurting these days, 35,000 is a pretty big opportunity.